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Forms are an important part of police station work. The LAA, Law Society and instructing solicitors all require paperwork. Our police station attendance form is widley regarded as the industry standard, adopted by many firms and reps.

All the forms and documents below can be downloaded and used by you immediately. They are free of copyright.

The downloads are all in various formats including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice ODT. But if you need a different format or are having any difficulty with them please let us know and we will provide them in a different format.

Last updated on June 2016.
If any of the forms are out of date please let us know.
  1. Police Station Attendance Form
  2. BTR Forms
  3. CRM Forms
  4. Example s9 Forms
  5. CPD Record

The No Comment police station attendance form is an industry standard. Short and to the point.
ODT formatPDF formatDOC format

 2nd Attendance Form:
Bail backs, second interviews, witness showings and any other attendance where the above form is unnecessary.
 Inital Call Record:
Used when grabbing the basic information from custody, prior to attendance.
 Court Attendance Form:
Handy for when you attend court.
 Priviledge Waiver Form:
Use with extreme caution!

You can download these forms from the LAA website.
 Consent: Online LA FormThis form allows the firm to lodge Legal Aid forms online. Every client should be signing this.
 CRM1: Clients Details Despite fixed fees it is still essential to complete this form with every new client as solicitors can still use the form to claim some money outside of Legal Aid.
 CRM2: Application for Advice & Assistance As Above. If the client is under 16 years of age the details on the form have to be those of the client's parent or guardian.
 CRM14: Application for Legal Aid in Criminal ProceedingsEssential to complete with every client - you can obtain up to 50 copies per month from the LSC delivered to your door for free. (Version 11 came into force on 27th January 2014)
 CRM15: Financial StatementAs above (Version 11 came into force on 27th January 2014).
 CRM15c: Continuation of the CRM15Often used at the police station.

Occasionaly you will be asked to provide a s9 statement. Here is an example to use as a template. They are all identical but in different formats. If you can't open one then try another:
ODT formatPDF formatDOC format

CPD Record
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has changed and you no longer need to get a certain number of points. Basically its now all self-assement. You have to review your strengths and weaknesses and then make a plan based on the training you think you need. Finally you keep a record of the development you undertook along with the reasons and its effectiveness. The SRA guidelines are below. Its all a bit wholly but its a pretty sensible approach. Our Suggested Proformas are below. If you have a better one do please send it to us.

SRA Competence Guidelines
SRA Competence Toolkit

CPD Template.odt

CPD Template.pdf

CPD Template.doc

CPD Plan.odt

CPD Plan.pdf

CPD Plan.doc

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